Don’t steal my beer free video clip

Here is a lesson to those who steal other people's beer, or raid fridges.

Here we have the beer's rightful owner.

Free Download Funny Video - Don't steal beer

Next we have the sneak thief.  Caught by a secret camera in the act of raiding the fridge.

Free Download Funny Video - Don't steal my beer

Here is the deed caught on camera. (Free Video Download at the bottom)

Free Download Funny Video - Beer thief

See in the free video how spilling this jar of nuts caused terrible retribution.

Free Download Funny Video - Don't steal beer

Don't Steal My Beer

Check out our free video clip and see what really happened.  You will be amazed at security.

Free Video Download - Don't steal my beerStrong Romanian Beer

My Beer Is Too Strong Moans Man

Iancu Boroi purchased a single can of beer at his local supermarket only to
find it rendered him totally incapable and drunk.

Will and Guy have learned that he nearly passed out after consuming the lone
drink. We find it difficult to believe that he then complained to the local
trading standards officer in Arges, southern Romania, and he is demanding
compensation from the beer manufacturers claiming, 'There must have been
something wrong with it........ I am more than capable of holding my drink and
it is ridiculous to think one can of beer can get me so drunk.'

We think that he should be looking at the money he has saved rather than
asking for compensation.