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Will and Guy's Selection of Cool Losers

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Crazy Satellite Navigation System?Crazy Sat-nav

Satellite navigation systems are, no doubt, a marvellous advance in driving technology. However, we read weekly of what happens when they go wrong. Will and Guy found this particular report amusing: A German motorist followed the command, 'Turn right now', from his navigation system and crashed into a small toilet hut by the side of the road approximately 30 metres before the crossing he was meant to take.  The overly obedient 53-year-old from Freiburg drove his sport utility vehicle off the road onto into a building site, up a stairway and into the small toilet shack, police in the eastern town of Rudolstadt reported last Sunday. In court he was fined €30 [£23.50].

July's Winner of 'Loser of the Month' CompetitionBee Story

This month's best loser has to be Mr Joshua Mullen from Mobile, Alabama, USA. Finding that his shed had a nest of bees living in it you will find it hard to believe how he attempted to get rid of them. Mr Mullen soaked some towels in gasoline [petrol] and placed them carefully in the shed in order to remove the bees. However, the shed erupted in flames with a loud 'whoosh'. It appears that the fire started when the pilot light of a hot-water heater in the shed ignited fumes from the petrol. This picture is not of the actual blaze in Mobile: The fire caused some $80,000 [almost £41,000] worth of damage but luckily nobody was hurt in the conflagration. We have heard that Mr Mullen told reporters, 'Looking at all this, there might have been a better way. It was a mistake. I wish I hadn't done it, but I did.' However, we can report that it did rid the shed of the bees!

Picture of a Loser? Or a Lucky Boy?

The Whole Town is the Loser of the Month

Man Survives an Incredibly Silly ActMan survives silly act

The expressions, 'I don't believe it,' and 'You cannot be serious,' came to mind when Will and Guy discovered this story about an elderly Polish gentleman. We think it has to be runner up in the loser of the month competition. Having been driven quite mad by an invasion of ants into his apartment which is in a block of flats in Lublin, eastern Poland, Mr Marcin Bartosz, aged 74, poured gallons of insecticide into a ventilation shaft in order to rid the condominium of the pests. When this had no effect whatsoever on the ants, the senior citizen decided to throw a burning towel after them and into the shaft. The explosion that followed left Mr Bartosz with third degree burns and a stay in the local hospital. Incredibly, we have found out that none of his neighbours was in any way hurt.

Army Goat BustedYear of the goat

In the UK goats are often paraded by Army regiments and they appear on official occasions. The goat is always a billy-goat and is not a mascot but a member of the regiment. Honorary Lance Corporal William Windsor,1st Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers, is such a goat. However, he has been demoted since he misbehaved whilst on parade in Episkopi garrison, Cyprus, last month. This regimental goat attempted to poke his horns into the drummer's bottom while on parade; he then refused to march or stay in line and has suffered the consequences: he has been busted down to Private.  See also the Year of the Goat.

Goat promoted - update October 2006

A disgraced British army goat has been reinstated to his rank of lance-corporal after shining on parade last week. Billy Windsor, mascot of the 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh, was demoted to fusilier - equivalent of private soldier - last June after ruining a parade for the Queen's birthday at a military base in Cyprus, when he ran amok. In his first public appearance since his demotion, Billy, seven, performed exceptionally and he was reinstated by his commanding officer.

Army Goat Retires May 2009

1st Battalion Royal Welsh regimental goat William Windsor retires at Dale Barracks, Chester, England. Army goat retires

Funny Goat Joke

In Warsaw, Poland, Solly visits his rabbi and complains, 'Life is unbearable. There are nine of us living in one room. What can I do?' The rabbi answers, 'Take your goat into the room with you.' Solly is incredulous, 'What?' but the rabbi insists, 'Do as I say and come back in a week.' A week later Solly comes back looking even more distraught than before, 'We cannot stand it,' Solly explains to the rabbi, 'the goat is filthy.' The rabbi then tells Solly, 'Go home and let the goat out. Come back in a week.' Solly, now radiant, returns to the rabbi a week later, exclaiming, 'Life is beautiful. We enjoy every minute of it now that there's no goat; only the nine of us.' Army goat busted

Coolest Loser - Unlucky SwimmerUnlucky Swimmer - fire fighting

Response to a woodland fire in the south of France's Cote d' Azur was billed as a marvel of modern fire-fighting technology in the newspaper Le Monde. Two specially-built flying boats zoomed in, skimmed the waters of the Mediterranean, scooping vast amounts of water into their belly tanks, and then dropped the water on the hillside fire extinguishing all the flames. All was jolly and the wine flowed freely until a body was found in the ashes of the fire.' The coroner found that the gentleman had apparently fallen from a great height, suffering serious injuries before being burned to death. The report further noted that the victim was wearing a bathing suit, snorkel, and flippers.' Footnote Please send us your coolest loser pictures and funny stories

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