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You can't teach a new mouse old clicks.

Compact MouseNew uses for a computer mouse. Funny pictures of computers

Suggestions for next version of this mouse: Perfume Lipstick Nail Polish Tweezers Popup Hairbrush Mini-can of hairspray Ideal Birthday Present?

The Computer Coffee Maker

Computer Coffee Maker

Old Timer's Views on Computing

Memory was something you lost with ageComputer Pencil An application was for employment A program was a TV show A cursor used profanity A keyboard was a piano A web was a spider's home A virus was the flu A hard drive was a long trip on the road A mouse pad was where a mouse lived

You Are Never Too Old to Learn

My grandfather has recently started a course called ' Computers for the Terrified.' He's nearly eighty and, although used to be an engineer within the British Royal Airforce, he is completely stuck when it comes to computers. He came back from his first evening at this course. When asked how it had gone, he replied, 'Yes, it was really good. I really enjoyed it, but I really couldn't get to grips with my mole.' I stopped for a second, completely puzzled, until I realised he was talking about the mouse.

Firefox Has Found Your File...

And is attempting to retrieve it!

Computer Mouse and Printer ProblemMouse and Printer Problem

Dear IT Department My printer has suddenly stopped working. What error message did you get? No Error message my mouse is stuck. If you mouse is stuck, that should not effect the the printer! Just a minute, I will send you a picture with my digital camera See picture of the computer mouse problem

A Different Funny Mouse Picture

Mice stuck in snake I love the expressions on the faces of the two mice.

Cat and Mouse - Not a Good Combination

Cat and Mouse - Not a good combinationCat and Mouse - Not a good combination

New Way of Using the Mouse

Office Manager: "My mouse has suddenly stopped working." Tech Support: "Is it an optical mouse?" Office Manager: "I don't know?" Tech Support: "Does it have a ball or light?" Office Manager: "Oh, it's got a light on top." Tech Support: "On top? Are you sure?" Office Manager: "Yes. It was underneath before, but it looks better when it's on top." Tech Support: "Ok, try turning it around so the light points down on the desk." Office Manager: "Blimey!  It's working now I can can scroll again!" Footnote: Please send us your Computer Mouse Jokes: Too many clicks spoil the browse.
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