Funny Cockatoo Video Clip

Cockatoo Video Clip

Here we have a Cockatoo called Snowball strutting his stuff in time to the music.  Check out his foot beat and head-bang in time with the music of the Backstreet Boys. Watch the funny video and see Snowball's big finish where he flicks that yellow comb.

Snowball the Cockatoo - Listening to the beat

Cockatoo video

Snowball the Cockatoo - Dancing and head-banging to the music

Cockatoo Snowball - Struts stuff

Snowball the Cockatoo - Strutting stuff

Cockatoo dancing

Snowball the Cockatoo - Flicking his comb

Cockatoo comb display Check out our Funny Cockatoo Video clip and see that cockatoo head-bang. N.B. With some browsers you need to click twice on the Play arrow Click on the arrow to start the video. N.B. Help for Mozilla browsers

Snowball the Head-banger - Funny Cockatoo Video

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Celebration Dance?

Jimmy Takes his wife Susan to a disco. There's a guy on the dance floor giving it everything - break dancing, moon walking, back flips, the works. Susan turns to her husband and says: "See that guy? 25 years ago he proposed to me and I turned him down for you." Jimmy replies, "Looks like he's still celebrating!!!

Funny Dancing Cockatoo Has Real Rhythm

Scientists Have Proof Say Will and Guy.  Neuroscientists in the USA have proved that birds really do dance to music; after studying a cockatoo shown on this web site. Snowball has been viewed an amazing two million times on YouTube and this has led scientists to discover that parrots, and also elephants do feel the beat of music, giving them an in-built sense of rhythm for dancing. Also researchers found no evidence that cats, dogs or chimps shared this trait. Although we have heard some anecdotal evidence which suggests that some dogs are able to dance. Dr Aniruddh Patel, based at the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego, California, said scientists began their research after becoming mesmerised by the footage of Snowball. He reported, 'I was very impressed and contacted Snowball's owner in Indiana for a more formal test. This showed that Snowball wasn't just mimicking the movements of somebody off-camera. And his movements followed the beat of his favourite BackStreet Boys song even when the tune was sped up or slowed down.' Dr Patel added that Snowball drifted in and out of following the beat, 'like a child does'. But he concluded that statistical analysis of the cockatoo's head bobs showed they really were related to tempo. Furthermore, Will and Guy have discovered that by analysing 1,000 videos purporting to show animals dancing, the scientists found 14 species of parrot and one species of elephant that they say were convincing dancers. All this effort and Will and Guy can reveal that when dancing they both have two left feet.

Interesting Facts About the CockatooCockatoo information

  • There are probably 21 species of cockatoos, most of which are of the genus Cacatua. Although they originate in Australia, their name, it is thought, comes from a Malay word.  Many are coloured in white, but others come in greys and pinks, blacks, and sometimes deep blue.
  • They can live for 40-60 years. There have been some reported cases of cockatoos living to be over 100, but most of these are unsubstantiated Cockatoos have a much more restricted range than the true parrots, occurring naturally only in Australia and nearby islands. Eleven of the 21 species exist in the wild only in Australia, while seven species occur in Indonesia, New Guinea, and other south Pacific islands. Three species occur in both New Guinea and Australia.
  • As pets they can be very friendly and amiable, although some have been known to be destructive and extremely noisy. They do not learn to speak as well as their cousins, the parrot. Cockatoos are in the bracket of being endangered species. In our video, Snowball shows his love for the music of the Backstreet Boys.

Cockatoo Tries to Hatch Chocolate EggsCockatoo tries to hatch chocolate eggs

A cockatoo at a wildlife sanctuary has spent a fortnight trying to hatch a bowl of chocolate eggs. Pippa has been protecting the chocolates since she was taken outside, put on a table and saw them.  Her home is at the at Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary in England. Her owner, Geoff Grewcock, reports, 'She went straight over, climbed on the crème eggs and that was it. She thinks they're her eggs. Until she clicks they're not real eggs, we'll just leave her there.' The 17-year-old cockatoo, who has been at the sanctuary for about four years, is expected to live until the age of 70. 'She's got so much character it's unbelievable. She hates men, we've had a builder in who had his neck bitten. We had to prise Pippa's beak off his neck. When she attacks you, she attacks your ear lobe - she goes straight through them. We do free ear piercing here. She's ever so comical - always has been,' adds Geoff Grewcock.

Funny Cockatoo on Skates

Cockatoo on a skateboard Everything about the Cockatoo is funny, his name, his crest and now to top it off, here he is on skates.

On Your Bike!

Cockatoo on a bike
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