Car Pictures that intrigue – VW in a lift




1) Funny VW Storage

If you ever see cars in skyscrapers now you know how they do that.  They use a special lift

VW Volkswagen car storage. How do they put cars on the first floor of buildings?
Press up to go up.

2) Here is a picture showing the poor man's skyscraper storage

Car Parking in Flat

3) Beware: What happens if you don't store the car in a garage

Engine Repairs?

Funny VW Engine Repair Kit

4) More VW Cars

Classic 'Black Beetle

Classic Black Beetle

Motor Bike and VW Side-car

VW Side-car Motorbike

5) Beetle on It's Back!

Beetle on it's back

Can you spot the mechanic working on the beetle?  Alternatively, it could be you have to pedal beetle no 186!

5a) Another VW Double Act

VW Tandem

6) VW Pool Car!

Beetle on it's back

Here is a new meaning to a 'Pool' car.  Look no cue (queue).
VW Pool Car

This splendid VW pool and billiard table recently sold in the USA for $8200 USD [approx. £4000] It is registered to an Ohio, USA address [as a trailer] since its engine has been removed. It has been lovingly built using quality wood and top quality burgundy baize. The world famous VW emblem has been specially inlaid into the wooden rail at the front.

7) VW - A Pig to Drive?

VW - Pig to drive

The VW Beetle is an offbeat car which people love to customise.  It had a very long production run from before World War II right up until 2003. Here are more examples of custom VW cars.