Special Day Events | Calendar Saints Days

Here is Will and Guy's calendar of
Special Day Events.  Every month has at least one Saint's
day or special anniversary.  Our intention is to use these interesting days to
give the year signposts.  Incidentally, Special Day Events can be a great
ice-breaker if you are meeting new people on a particular day.

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January Special Day Events

  •  1st New Year's Day
  •  1st Kwanzee ends
  •  3rd Festival of Sleep
  •  4th Trivia Day
  •  5th Twelfth NightMagh Mela
  •  5th National Bird Day
  •  6th Epiphany
  • 11th National Milk Day
  • 13th St Hilary's Day (Coldest Day?)
  • 14th Magh Mela and
    Kumbh Mela (Indian
  • 14/15th Kite Festival India
  • 15th Martin Luther King Day
  • 15th Chosun Gul Day or Korean
    Alphabet Day - (North Korea)
  • 19th Popcorn Day
  • Blue Monday
  • 20th Festival of San Sebastian Spain
  • 25th Burns Night
  • 26th Australia Day
  • 26th Republic Day India
  • 27th Holocaust Memorial Day
  • 28th Cullinan Diamond discovered (1905)
  • World Religion Day - Third Sunday in January
  • Jan Up Helly Aa

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down the years.


February's Distinctive Events

  •  1st Imbolc Eve
    Pagan Festival
  •  1st Super Bowl
    Jokes XLIX NFL
  •  2nd Groundhog Day
  •  2nd St. Brigid's Day
  •  2nd Candlemas  40 Days since
    Jesus' nativity
  •  4th World Cancer Day
  •  7th Charles
    Dickens Born (1812)
  •  6th Monopoly Goes on Sale
  •  8th Parinirvana
    (Nirvana Day) - Buddhist Festival
  •  9th Toothache Day - Ouch!
  • 10th St. Scholastica (Patron Saint of Nuns)
  • 11th Thomas Edison's Birthday (Inventor)
  • 12th Barbie Doll
    Goes on Sale (1959)
  • 14th Valentine's Day
  • 15th Nirvana Day -
    Buddhist Festival
  • Presidents Day (Third Monday)
  • 25th Mohammad Ali (Cassius Clay) KO's Sonny Liston 1964
  • 27th Polar
    Bear Day
  • Shrove
  • February Mardis Gras

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down the years.

March's Out-of-the-ordinary Events

  •  1st St David's Day - Patron Saint of Wales
  •  1st World Maths
  •  1st National Pig Day
  •  2nd Texas
    Independence Day
  •  4th DeFriend Day (Facebook)
  •  Chinese Lantern Festival
  •  6th Alexander Bell makes the first phone call (1876)
  •  6th Dentist's Day
  •  8th
    International Women's Day
  •  8th Mardi Gras New Orleans
  •  9th St Joseph's Day (Mary's spouse)
  •  9th No Smoking
    Day (UK)Easter
  • Daylight
    Saving Time Starts USA
  • Holi Festival of Colours India
  • 14th Pi Day Jokes
  • 15th Ides of March (Julius Caesar assassinated 44BC)
  • 17th St Patrick's Day
  • 18th Ash Wednesday (2015)
  • 19th Tommy
    Cooper Born (Comedian)
  • 18th Red Nose Day
  • 20th
    International Happiness Day
  • 20th International Day of the
  • 20th Macaron Day
  • 20th Vernal Equinox
  • 21st World Poetry Day
  • 22nd
    World Water Day (WWD)
  • 23rd Budget (UK)
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • 25th Lady Day (Quarter Day)
  • British Summer Time Starts
  • Easter Day
  • 30th Doctor's Day (USA)

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the years.

April Special Day Calendar

  •  1st April Fools Day
  •  2nd Cherry Blossom DayEaster
  •  6th UK - Tax Year Starts
  •  7th World Health Day
  • 12th Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space (1961)
  • 13-15th Thai New Year
  • 15th Titanic sinks (1912)
  • 16th National Egg Bendedict Day
  • 22nd Earth Day
  • 23rd St George's Day
  • 23rd Shakespeare's Day
  • 25th Watson and Crick publish the discovery of DNA (1953)
  • 28th Health and Safety Day
  • 30th Beltane - 1st May

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the years.

May's Distinctive Events

  •  1st May Day
  •  5th Cinco de MayoCherry Blossom
  •  Early
    Spring Bank Holiday Jokes
  •  6th Chunnel Tunnel Opens Joining England and France (1994)
  •  May
    National Day of Prayer
  •  Mother's Day USA 2nd Sunday in May
  • 12th International Nurses Day
  • 14th Ascension Day (2015)
  • 15th International Day of the Family
  • 22nd Microsoft Launches Windows 3.0 (1989)
  • 22nd International Day for Biological Diversity
  • 24th Empire Day (Celebrated from Edwardian times until the 1950s)
  • Spring Bank Holiday Jokes
  • Memorial Day USA
  • 31st World No Tobacco Day

See other interesting events that happened in May back down
the years.

June Special Day Events

  •  1st International Children's Day
  •   4th Corpus Christi Fiesta - Spain (2015)
  •  5th World Environment DaySolstice
  •  5th National Donut Day (2015)
  •  June Epsom Derby
  •  6th Normandy Landing (1944)
  •  Ramadan Begins
  • 14th Flag Day USA
  • Golf: US Open
  • Father's Day
  • 21st Summer Solstice
  • 24th Midsummer's Day
  • 24th San Juan (Saint John) Spain
  • 28th Arch Duke Ferdinand Assassinated (1914)
  • Wimbledon Tennis

See other interesting events that happened in June back down
the years.

July Distinguishing Events

  •  1st Canada Day
  •  1st Doctor's Day
  •  1st Wife Carrying Championships Finland
  •  Cycling: Tour de France
  •  4th of July - American Independence Day
  •  6-14th Running of the Bulls at PamplonaWeather Snippets
  •  Eid
    Muslim Festival Ramadan Ends
  • 12th Orangeman's Day Northern Ireland
  • 14th July Bastille Day
  • 15th July St Swithin's Day
  • Golf: UK
    Open Starts
  • 24th Cousins' Day
  • 27th National Scotch Egg Day
  • 29th The inauguration of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris (1836)

See other interesting events that happened in July back down
the years.

August Special Events

  •  1st Lammas (The start of the harvest)
  •  1st Yorkshire Day
  •  Sister's Day
  • 12th Glorious Twelfth
    - Grouse Shooting StartsTomato
  • 13th Florence Nightingale Day
  • 15th Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • 20th NASA Launch Viking 1 to Mars (1975)
  • 22nd Battle of Bosworth England.  Richard III Killed by Henry IV's
  • Tomatina Tomato
    Festival Bunol Spain
  • Bank Holiday

Month Long Festivals in August

  • Ramadan
  • Edinburgh, Scotland Music Festival

See other interesting events that happened in August back down
the years.

September Special Events

  •  Back to school!
  •  Labor Day USA (1st Monday
    in September)
  •  9th International Day of Peace
  • 12th September Blackberry DayBlackberry Day
  • Grandparents Day
  • Rosh
    Hashanah - Jewish New Year
  • 16th Mexico's Independence Day
  • 19th Talk
    Like a Pirate Day
  • 21st St Matthew's Day (Mabon in Wales)
  • Chinese Moon Festival
  • 22nd Elephant
    Appreciation Day
  • 23rd Autumnal Equinox.
  • 28th Alexander Fleming Discovered Penicillin (1928)
  • Stone Skimming
  • 29th Michaelmas (Quarter Day)

See other interesting events that happened in September back
down the years.

October Special Events

  •  1st China National Day 中國國慶節
  •  5th World Teachers Day
  •  6th International
    Doctor's Day
  •  7th National Poetry Day (UK)
  •  9th Hangul Proclamation Day or
    Korean Alphabet Day
    - (South Korea)
  • Canadian Thanksgiving
  • Columbus Day 2nd Monday in October
  • 12th World Egg Day
  • Grandparents Day UK
  • 14th Battle of Hastings (1066)
  • 16th World Food Day
  • 16th Oscar
    Wilde's Birthday
  • Yom Kippur
  • 21st Trafalgar Day
  • 24th United Nations Day
  • British Summer
    Time Ends
  • MLB World Series
  • 31st Halloween (Samhain)

See other interesting events that happened in October back down the years.

November Special Events

  •  1st All Saints Day Thanksgiving
  •  2nd All Souls (Day of the Dead)
  •  5th Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes
  •  Daylight
    Saving Time Ends
  • Diwali
  • 11th Remembrance Day, Armistice day, Poppy
    day and Veterans day
  • 19th The Gettysburg Address by President Lincoln (1863)
  • 19th World Toilet Day
  • 22nd President Kennedy assassinated (1963)
  • 23rd
    American Indian Heritage Day
  • 24th Darwin Publishes 'On the Origin of Species'
  • 25th St Catherine's Day
  • Stir-up Sunday  Last Sunday of the Christian year.  5 Sundays before Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • 30th St Andrews Day (Patron Saint of Scotland)
  • November Cyber Monday

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down the years.

December Special Day Calendar

  •   Advent
  •   HanukkahHanukkah
  •   7th Pearl Harbour - Japanese attack in 1941
  • 10th Human Rights Day
  • 14th Roald Amundsen Reaches the South Pole (1911)
  • 16th Boston Tea Party
  • 16th Jane Austen born 1755
  • 17th Wright Brothers make their first flight (1903)
  • 18th Piltdown Man
  • 21st Winter Solstice
  • 21st Arthur Wynne published the first crossword (1913)
  • 25th Christmas (Quarter Day)
  • 26th Boxing Day - St Stephen's
  • 26th Kwanzaa - Fastest growing festival
  • 28th Dia de los Santos Inocentes (Spanish Fools Day)
  • 31st New Years Eve

See other interesting events that
happened in December back
down the years.

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