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Top Ten Funny Hairstyles

We humans have a deep-seated need for tribal belonging; what better means of
establishing the identity of a new tribal grouping than with an outlandish

  1. Spiky Hairstyle
  2. Beehive Hairstyle
  3. Tufty Hairstyle
  4. Handy Hairstyle for Boys
  5. Clever Short Back and
  6. Amusing Flower Power
  7. Blue-rinse Meets Mohican
  8. Football Hair Style
  9. Witty Lion Cut
  10. A Bridge Too Far?



Spiky Hairstyle

Spiky hair

Beehive Hairstyle

Beehive hairstyle

Guy's auntie's had beehive hairstyles back in the 1960s but never like

There are lots of barbershops in America's Finest City, but you have to read reviews of San Diego barbershops to find the best one.

Tufty Hairstyle

Top 10 Funny HairStyle

Handy Hairstyle for Boys

Funny Hairstyle - Handy

Funny Barber Jokes

Paul enters a barber shop for a shave. While the barber is foaming
him up, he mentions the problems he has getting a close shave around the

'I have just the thing,' says the barber taking a small wooden ball
from a nearby drawer. 'Just place this between your cheek and gum.'

Paul places the ball in his mouth and the barber proceeds
with the closest shave the man has ever experienced. After a few strokes
the client asks in garbled speech. 'And what if I swallow it?'

problem,' says the barber. 'Just bring it back tomorrow like
everyone else does.'

Clever Short Back and Sides

Funny short back and sides

Hair - Flower Power

Funny Hairstyle - Flower Power

Retro hippie flower power.

Blue-rinse Meets Mohican

Funny Hairstyle - Flower Power

Why does a barber never shave a man with a wooden leg?

Because he always
uses a razor.

Football Hair Style

Funny Hairstyle - Handy

Lion Cut

Funny Hairstyle - Lion Cut

A Bridge Too Far?

Funny Hairstyle - Bridge too far

Mad Hatter - Amusing Hairstyles

Mad Hatter Funny Hairstyle

A Bad-hair Day?

Alan walks in to the barbershop.

The barber says, 'What will it
be today?'
Alan replies says, 'Well I want it going with my waves on
top, faded on one side, plug the other, and just make it all out of
shape and messed up.'

The barber answers frowning, 'Now why in the
world do you want your hair cut like that?'
Alan says, 'That's how
you cut it last time.'

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