Athens Olympic Games 2004 – Quiz miscellany


Rugby Olympic Champions

USA, Australia, France Great Britain, Romania Never won a Rugby medal of any color, never placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any Olympic games. South Africa, Romania, USA, Great Britain, France

Baton Dropping

Set a new world record, ran out of lane. 1936 German Women's 100 Not Olympics though. Olympic history abounds with tales of athletes who overcame crippling adversity to win gold medals, but Karoly Takacs' comeback may be the best. Takacs was part of Hungary's world-champion pistol-shooting team in 1938 when an army grenade exploded in his right hand. Ten years later, he won the first two golds in rapid-fire pistol - after teaching himself to shoot left-handed. Women allowed in Shooting 1968 Altius, Citius, Fortius, either change, or meaning Higher, Swifter, Stronger.
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