Athens Olympic Games 2004 – Security

Technology Awarded the Games in 1997 Atos Origin won the contract in 1999.  They wee awarded: 2004 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Each event has a budget of $300m There are about 250 in the IT team, Jean Chevallier is in charge of the Atos Origin team.  The team has, 12,000 desktops, 475 Servers, 2,500 internet terminal and amazingly about the same number, (2,500) faxes and printers. Dale Wheeler was the security risk manager. Physical security including cameras, scanners and guards.  Focusing on the job each server is intended to perform and not allowing any extra services is one key security measure.  No extra USB devices can be added, no control of the BIOS is allowed.  Another key plank is port security, anyone attempting to use a different port will trigger an alert. Communication with other machines is monitored and alarms are triggered if activity increases. Security extended to storing the machines before they are sent to their final Olympic venue.  60 Venues, 28 sports, 37 disciplines and 300 events. The activity monitoring would quickly spot tricks like buffer overflow. Incredibly 90% of the budget and effort goes into security monitoring. For example, intrusion detection software. 220,000 visitors are predicted and they will need to be checked out and IDs registered on computer. IBM lost the contract after computer Problems in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics

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